World's Largest Private Jet

Ever Wanted to Own the World’s Largest Private Jet? Well Now You Can!

Airport check-in, security, having a screaming child sat in front of you for 8 hours.
Plane travel is fun isn’t it?

But you know what would be more fun? Flying without any of that stuff.
Getting away from the crowd and jetting off in a literal flying palace.

Luckily for you, a flying palace is currently for sale, as Amiri Flight has put one of it’s two Boeing 747-8i’s up for sale.

That’s right! You now have the chance to be the proud owner of the world’s largest private jet.

For those that aren’t up to speed with airlines. Amiri Flight is the state run, but private airline for the Qatar royal family and selected VIP government staff.

But onto the important stuff… your new plane!

The Boeing 747-8 is the third generation of the famous 747. It’s also the limo version.
The plane is lengthened over the previous models and is currently the longest passenger aircraft in the world.

This particular 747 carries the registration VQ-BSK and rolled off the assembly line in December 2012. The VVIP interior was then installed by Boeing San Antonio, with the work being completed in December 2014.
So, just to make is clear. The interior of this plane took 2 years to install!

Finally, the plane began serving Qatari royalty in January 2015.

Since then, it’s not flown much either. It is by all accounts, a low mileage plane. Having just 436 hours on it’s airframe and only 200 cycles.
Which I’ve been assured by people who know these things, is very low.

The 2 year to fit interior is surprising. As in it’s actually more tasteful than you’d imagine.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s still dripping in gold, luxury woods and copious amounts of blue marble, but it’s kind of nice.

My personal favourite feature is how the carpet patterns fit perfectly around the furniture.

In flight entertainment is taken care of by a plane wide Panasonic entertainment system.
With a 42″ screen in the master bedroom. (Which is in the nose cone by the way).
Also in the master bedroom is a queen size electric bed that can tilt to 7 degrees. Because getting out of bed without any assistance is hard!

World's Largest Private Jet
The Master Bedroom

The master bathroom features more blue and gold, with a heated flooring section outside of the shower.

The Master Bathroom

Further back, the Majlis seating area features huge comfy seats for 14 people and 2 52″ screens.

World's Largest Private Jet
The Majlis

The middle of the plane consists of the full width dining and conference room with the most elaborate lighting you’ve probably ever seen on an aircraft.

World's Largest Private Jet
The Dining / Conference Room

Even more further back is the guest bedroom, with another 42″ screen and a fold out bed. Also in this area is the aft bathroom with featuring a golden sink.

Guest Bedroom

The back of the plane is where your entourage sit, with the executive club seating area (more screens), and the first class area with fold out bed seats, (and little individual screens).
Then right at the very back, seating for 20 more staff.

World's Largest Private Jet
Rear First Class

Upstairs… this is a 747 after all. You’ll find another lounge, more lie flat first class seats and rest seating for the flight crew.

World's Largest Private Jet
Top Deck Lounge

Oh, and not forgetting the functional things too. Such as the 3 galleys fitted with various microwaves, steam ovens, fridges, freezers and espresso makers.
Security is tight also, as you’d expect, with a full camera and security system from Otonomy Aviation.

Unlike your last commercial flight, there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs.
The various staterooms, lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms and seating areas are designed to hold a maximum of 76 passengers and 18 crew. To put that into perspective, a standard three class layout 747-8i carries 467 people.

Don’t worry if you trip whilst running up and down your massive jet either. Luckily, it comes equipped with it’s very own mini hospital.
A hospital with it’s own loo.
Including the medical one there’s 5 toilets by the way, so you should never be queing up waiting for someone else to finish.

World's Largest Private Jet
Medical Room

They’ll be other cool stuff too no doubt. But these things are not for the eyes of commoners. You’ll have to make an offer if you want to know more.

As for making an offer, there’s no asking price listed.
You’ll just have to make your offer and see how close you get.
But as a guide, a new 747-8i without any fittings would set you back around $403 million.
As for the interior cost, your guess is as good as mine.
I’m thinking it’s probably a lot.

World's Largest Private Jet
Not Cheap

It’s unknown why the kingdom is selling the little used plane, but it won’t be left short.

As well as their other 747-8i, the Amiri Flight fleet consists of 3 widebody A340’s, 2 A330’s, 3 A320’s, 3 319’s and an A310. And that’s not counting the Qatari Air Force C-17 that operates in Qatari airlines livery, and is often used to carry luggage ahead of the passenger planes.

The world’s largest private jet is currently sat in Switzerland, where it’s being sold by AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a spare few hundred million hanging about either.
There’s a link on the website to interest free credit!

Seriously though, if you do have an offer accepted, let me know.
I’ll be needing to try it out for a few holidays. You know, for journalism reasons.

All Images Credit: AMC Aerospace Switzerland AG.

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