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Watch the Wonderful Wheelie Dogs Playing in Their Moroccan Sanctuary

Fair warning: This video of wheelie dogs playing, will be the most heartwarming thing you see today.
We can’t be held responsible for any stray tears.

The wheelie dogs are a group of mega cute wheelchair dependent dogs who all live at the SFT animal sanctuary in Morocco.

The animals have obviously seen bad times, but it’s clear the support they’re given at the sanctuary makes a world of difference.

SFT has a strict no-kill policy, and instead offers a loving permanent home to all the animals in it’s care.

Currently it’s home to over 500 animals, including over 300 dogs, 120 cats and 30 donkeys.
15 of the dogs are disabled and use specially built wheelchairs to run around and exercise.

It’s also home to various sheep, 2 rescued monkeys and a disabled baby donkey called Sweetheart.

This amazing sanctuary was established in 2013 by Salima Kadaoui and is run by her small but dedicated team.

They’re also helping the estimated 30000 stray dogs that live in Tangier through Project Hayat.
Raising awareness of alternative methods to control the dog population and the potential for rabies, other than simply killing them.

You can find out more about their brilliant work and how you can help, donate, sponsor or adopt on their website here.
They currently need more staff too and are looking for businesses to sponsor a salary.

Feature Image Credit: SFT Morocco

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