The Uranus Examiner

Residents of Uranus Split over Uranus Examiner

Uranus, Missouri.

A storm is brewing in Uranus, after the small Missouri town announced the name of it’s new local newspaper. The Uranus Examiner.

The town is located on the famous Route 66 highway and has long embraced its name.
In doing so Uranus has become a popular tourist attraction on the route.

Until recently, the people of Uranus were served by the Waynesville Daily Guide, which has now ceased production.

The publishers of the new newspaper claim the loss of the Daily Guide has left a hole in Uranus.

After being named the newspaper’s managing editor, Natalie Sanders spoke to local news channel KY3 and claimed the title was carefully chosen.
“We had thought about ‘constitution’, but most of the people who love us, and who were part of coming up with the name, liked the examiner better,” she explained.

It appears not everybody in Uranus is happy with the new name though.
Many have mocked the title while raising concerns over the seriousness of the paper.

Uranus. Home of The Uranus Examiner.
Uranus, Missouri. Image: J Stephen Conn.

A boycott has also been threatened by the mayor of nearby Waynesville.

Ms Luge Hardman was quoted as saying, “No. I’m sorry. But the innuendo of that title puts the city up for public ridicule,” completely unironically.

She also spoke to KY3, where she said, “I think that the Pulaski County Examiner would have been a real hit, and I don’t believe it would’ve been a problem for the cities.”
She went on to claim the name Uranus Examiner had been chosen to make the paper “fly”.

Sanders dismissed the suggestion when she later spoke to the Wichita Eagle. Another local paper in neighbouring Kansas.
“People who wanted an actual newspaper were not going to get one anymore, so we decided to turn a fun newspaper into a real one,” she said.

Despite Uranus being split, the Examiner is pushing on, and plans to publish its first issue later this month.
It will then be freely available to all residents of Pulaski County.
With the tagline, “Getting to the bottom of the big stories in central Missouri.”

You can grab your copy of the new Uranus Examiner website here.

There is no word yet from the mayor’s office on when Hardman next plans to visit Uranus.