Quidditch world cup

United States Beats Belgium to Win Quidditch World Cup

Dramatic scenes in Florence on Sunday, where the USA beat Belgium 120 to 70 to win the Quidditch World Cup.

The USA are now the dominate force in the sport, being three times world champions.

Despite what you may think, and our misleading headline picture, the Quidditch World Cup is not a made up magical game invented by JK Rowling.
But instead, a real actual sport based on the fictional game.

There are some major differences though, for obvious health and safety reasons.

The most glaring difference is the lack of flying broomsticks. Which are against the rules.
Which is a good thing seeming as they don’t exist. Yet.

So instead of playing in 3D with a height element involved, the not actual wizards have to make do with running around on a normal flat playing field.

A broom is still a part of the game though, which in the real world means clutching a piece of plastic pipe between your legs whilst running.

In the fictional (we’re struggling not to think of it as the real version) game, the players can end the match by grabbing the golden snitch, which is a small, flying, seemingly sentient ball with fairy wings.

In the muggle version the snitch is a non-flying, seemingly sentient, ex college wrestler dressed in yellow with a ball in a sock hanging from the back of his shorts.

It’s a sport which is being taken increasingly seriously, not least by the people who participate.
Who from watching the videos below, take it maybe a bit too seriously.

There’s a governing international association, and hundreds of teams around the world.

Currently there are over 200 teams in the US alone.

This is the 4th World Cup tournament which is currently held every 2 years.

In the 2018 Cup, the USA beat the UK in the semis, to reach the final for the 4th consecutive time.
Belgium beat Turkey to become first time finalists.

The USA won the tournament after Harry Greenhouse grabbed the snitch, only minutes after it entered play.

Here’s a video explaining the sport in a bit more detail, featuring a very optimistic spokesman.

And, if you’re sad you’ve missed the tournament itself.

Don’t worry.

Here’s the recorded live stream from the entire two day tournament!
All 22 and a half hours of it.

Day 1:

Day 2:

You can find out more about real life Quidditch here in the US, and here in the UK.

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