Max, the best madonna impersonator

The World’s Best Madonna Impersonator is a Dog

The title of this article is a bold claim I know. It also happens to be 100% true.
The world’s best Madonna impersonator is indeed a dog.
A dog called Max.

Six year old Max is the best friend of French fashion photographer Vincent Flouret. Vincent began shooting animals as well as models while volunteering with City Shelters in L.A.
There he shot portraits of the dogs to help them get adopted.
He then turned his camera to his own dog Max, and it turns out Max is just a high glamour natural.

Now, Vincent and Max are working on a project called Maxdonna. Where Max is recreating some of the most iconic images from Madonna’s career.
While Max absolutely nails it, for Vincent, it’s a break from his commercial work. Bringing him, “the simple pleasure of pure creation, love, and happiness.”

Speaking to Bored Panda, Vincent explained how the shots are planned. “Everything is like a game for him so yes, for example, if he needs a hat for a picture, I buy it weeks before and we play with it like if it’s one of his pet toys.  And so, it’s ‘normal’ and fun for him when we shoot for real weeks later.”

Having Max look perfect in that famous Jean-Paul Gaultier corset doesn’t come quickly either. From the first practice shoots, making the costumes, and training Max, to the final images, took 8 months.

They’ve been getting all the right attention too, with Madonna herself sharing the Like a Virgin recreation on her Instagram.
“I was like a kid when I discovered it,” said Vincent.

Here are some of my personal favorites…

Ray of Light Album Cover

Music Single Cover
Max, the best madonna impersonator
Like a Virgin Album Cover
Max, the best madonna impersonator
Material Girl Music Video
Max, the best madonna impersonator
True Blue Album Cover
Max, the best madonna impersonator

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Cover
Max, the best madonna impersonator
Erotica Music Video
Max, the best madonna impersonator

There’s even more on Max and Vincent’s website and Instagram, which I encourage everyone to check out.

The best bit of the entire project is the prints are all for sale on Vincent’s website, with the proceeds going to Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi. The charity helps to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in the East African country.

So not only can you have the sheer joy of seeing Max’s talents on your wall every day.
You’ll know it was for a good cause too.
It’s a win-win for everyone.

Click here for Max and Vincent’s Instagram and here to buy prints.

All Images Credits: Max_et_Vincent / Madonna.

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