Man who threw octopus at condo still at large

Japanese Police Still Looking for Suspect Who Repeatedly Threw Octopus at Condo for over an Hour

Sapporo, Japan.

Police in the city of Sapporo, the largest city on the northern island of Hokkaido are still searching for a suspect who attacked a condominium building.

Residents of the building, located in the city’s central district, were woken at 2am on July the 27th by a repetitive thumping noise.

Whilst Japan is a country that appreciates peace and quiet, most citizens won’t call the police at the first sign of noise.
So the residents waited for the thumping to stop.
Unfortunately after an hour the noise continued so the police were contacted.

After arriving at the scene, police searched the area around the Chuo Ward building.

No suspicious people were found, and police assume the suspect fled as they arrived.

However, they did find a dead octopus which had signs of being thrown at the building over and over again.

Man who threw octopus at condo in Sapporo still at large
View of Odori Park, Central Sapporo. Image: Nkns-Wikimedia

The octopus was uncooked and parts had been torn off.
Though it’s not known if this was done beforehand, to aid in the throwing, or if the damage was sustained in the attack.

It’s unclear why anyone would want to attack the building with an octopus, and local police have still not identified a suspect.

Japan is a country with strict firearm laws, so police rarely have to deal with gun crime.
As in any large city, Sapporo police occasionally arrest people for knife crime, or for carrying other offensive weapons.
Recently, police have arrested a criminal with a sickle and somebody trying to use fireworks in a violent manner.

However, this does appear to be the first violent vandalism incident in the city using seafood as a weapon.

Residents of the city are hoping the crime was a one off incident.
And that there’s not a serial octopi attacker at large.

Feature Image Credit: Alex Knight