active dampening phone case

Student Invents Active Dampening Smart Phone Case

Some things in the modern world are just dead straight facts.

For instance:

  • Your smart phone is your life.
  • Your smart phone is very droppable.
  • You will drop your smartphone.
  • It will break the screen.
  • A little bit of your soul will die everytime you look at the broken screen until it’s fixed or replaced.

See. Facts.

A dropped iphone could soon be history thanks to active dampening smart phone case
An iPhone in it’s natural habitat.

But now, a German engineering student called Philip Frenzil could be about to change all that.
With a phone case that actually works when it comes to protecting your most valuable asset.

3 years ago, the inevitable happened to Philip when he dropped a new iPhone. But instead of crying for a bit, before living with a broken screen for a year, like most of us, Philip decided to change the world.

After much experimenting, and with the help of a 3D printer at Aalen University where he studies, the ADCase was born.

Designed to be an active dampening smart phone case, which absorbs the shock of being dropped by deploying blade like legs when it’s sensors detect freefall.

The case has already won the top award from the German Society for Mechatronics, and will be featured on Kickstarter sometime this July.

There are of course some pressing questions, as with any prototype.
Like how sharp are those blades, and will it ever go off in my pocket right next to my delicate penis if I jump off a kerb?
Or, what happens if I’m checking Facebook in bed and drop it on my face?

Questions I’m sure will be answered in full by the time it hits the shelves.


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