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Seth Rogen Announced as the New Voice of Vancouver Public Transit

Social media’s an amazing thing isn’t it?

No longer do we have to write our suggestions to celebrities in the form of letters.
Or hang around outside their houses until the police arrive.

Instead, we can just tag them in anything on Twitter, and if they like it, they’ll respond.

Well, that’s exactly what happened recently to Stephanie Ip, a reporter for the Vancouver Sun.

All the way back in May, Vancouver’s public transport operator TransLink BC, had announced Morgan Freeman as a guest voice on the network.
But the idea was scrapped, amongst numerous calls for a Canadian actor to be offered the job instead.

Stephanie sent a tweet suggesting Vancouver born Seth Rogen.
To which Seth replied.
TransLink then replied to that.
A DM was sent.
And the rest is public transport history.

So now, for the next few months, Vancouver residents will be treated to Rogen’s voice on skytrains and buses across the region.
Where he will be sharing tips on transit etiquette as well as Vancouver facts, and tidbits regarding his relationship with the city.

In a promotional video, Rogen said he grew up taking public transport, and still does when he’s in town.
He says, “any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take.”

Rogen has also donated his voice and time for free.
With TransLink paying only for studio time and editing.
The announcements themselves were all written by Seth Rogen himself too.

You can hear Seth’s voice, (and laugh), across the region now until the Fall.

Feature Image, Seth Rogen at San Diego Comic Con, Credit: Gage Skidmore.

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