ghost walking through traffic

Security Footage Captures Shadowy Ghost Walking Through Traffic

Spooky footage from the Philippines has emerged which appears to show a shadowy ghost walking through traffic.
And by through, I mean actually through the vehicles.

The scene was captured by a security camera back in June and shows a road in the province of Pangasinan.

The video appeared on Youtube yesterday.

In the footage, a dark man shaped shadow is clearly seen crossing the road seemingly unconcerned by the oncoming traffic.

It also seems that none of the drivers were aware of the figure, as they all keep driving straight ahead with nobody attempting to swerve.

After strolling through the traffic the apparent ghost then fades away.

ghost walking through traffic
Image Credit: Viral Press / Youtube

Even creepier, the same spooky shadow was seen on different footage, 13 hours later, standing next to a delivery man at a grocery store.

According to other reports, locals in the area are considerably concerned.
Many people in the area believe the footage has captured the vengeful spirit of someone with a grudge who’s come back to haunt the area.

Local shopkeepers said they were now terrified of the ghost.

A nearby shop worker, Jenny Renalto said, “Now I’m scared to walk near this area.”
“I keep remembering what was on CCTV and the image of the man walking across the road comes into my head,” they added.

Other’s though, are more skeptical. Claiming the footage is either a video malfunction or a clever hoax.

Check out the video for yourself below.
What do you think? Angry deceased local or a broken video recorder?

Feature Image Credit: Viral Press / Youtube