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Rapper Who Raps About Credit Card Fraud, Charged with Credit Card Fraud

Detroit, Michigan

A Detroit rapper who goes by the name Selfmade Kash, has been charged with credit card fraud after rapping about credit card fraud on Youtube.

According to The Detroit News, the 25 year old has been charged with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and possession of unauthorized access devices, under his real name, Jonathan Woods.

Woods was regularly bragging on Youtube and Instagram that he was the greatest swiper of all time. Meaning he was the best at credit card fraud.
The blatantly self incriminating tracks include ‘In Swipe I Trust’ and ‘Swipe God Freestyle’, in which he raps, “Off these swipes I made a killing”.

“Woods frequently posts pictures and videos on Twitter and Instagram containing large amounts of money, credit cards, and credit card skimmers to promote his proclivity for credit card fraud,” prosecutors said. “He also includes emojis for credit cards and a goat to represent the greatest of all time”.

To really get the point across, the rapper’s signature chain in most of his posts was a jewel encrusted gold credit card.

Selfmade Kash

Federal prosecutors summed up their opinion of the artist in their six count indictment.
“Woods claimed to be sophisticated at credit card fraud when, in fact, he is not,” they wrote.

Prosecutors are also claiming Wood’s activities can be traced back to May 2017, and that he was using social media to sell information on how to engage in card fraud.
However, it was also noted that most of the information was worthless with woods selling nonexistent bank identification numbers.

The moral of the story there is a self confessed fraudster is probably not the best person to buy fraudulent things from.

If convicted, Selfmade Kash could be facing 20 years in a federal penitentiary.

Feature Image Credit: Youtube.