playing opera constantly for 16 years

Woman Faces Jail After Playing Opera Constantly For 16 Years

Štúrovo, Slovakia

Residents of a small Slovakian street are finally getting a break from daily opera.

After 16 years of playing the same four minute aria from Verdi’s La Traviata on a constant loop, a local woman has been arrested.

Named by Slovakian media as Eva, the woman is as infamous in the country as you’d expect for someone who’s been harassing neighbors for so long.

Eva is well known to the Slovakian press, who nicknamed her home, “the singing house.”

Residents of Kossuth Street have been trying to get her to stop for years, with multiple appeals to local police, politicians and the courts.

The street was even visited in 2015 by the Slovakian head of state, President Kiska.
At the time he promised the town’s mayor he would, “give the city all the help that comes from legal and presidential powers to solve this unprecedented case.”

After the visit a lower court ordered her to stop, which she did for two years.
But in 2017, for unknown reasons, she turned the music back on.

Since then she has played Placido Domingo’s interpretation of La Traviata from 6am till 10pm non stop, every day.

During the early days of Eva’s operatic onslaught, she was interviewed by a local radio station.
She claimed at the time she began playing the music to drown out a dog’s barking which was giving her headaches.

However, it’s never been explained why she continued to play the opera, from loudspeakers on her balcony, for the 16 years.

Eva also claimed on Slovakian news that she is the real victim, and that her neighbors should all be imprisoned or sent to a mental institution.

“I love Placido Domingo,” one resident said, “But not like this.”
“The whole street is suffering,” added another.

Eva’s arrest came after the supreme court upheld the lower court’s original ruling. Which Eva promptly ignored.

She’s now been arrested and remanded in custody for harassment and malicious persecution.

If convicted she could facing a sentence of 3 years in prison.