Naked man drinks beer

Naked Man Drinks Beer and Makes a Sandwich in Strangers House

Arlington, Tennessee.

Bethel Bailey, 54, was arrested by Shelby County officers after a homeowner found him naked in her house.

The woman had been away from home overnight and returned at 6am, to find Bailey standing in her hallway with one of her blankets wrapped around his otherwise naked body.

The woman immediately called 911.

Bailey told deputies he was cycling the night before and went to the house after suffering a flat tyre.

When nobody answered the front door, he tried the back and found it unlocked.

He claimed he only wanted a ride home, so decided to wait for the homeowner’s return.

In the meantime, he drank a few beers, made a ham sandwich and finished it off with some cookies.

It was then he decided his clothes needed washing.
Which is why he was naked when discovered at 6am.

Bailey was charged with aggravated burglary and has since been issued with a $6000 bond.
That’s one expensive flat tyre.

Feature Image: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.