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Michy Batshuayi in Possibly the Funniest Moment of the World Cup so Far.

So then, England vs Belgium.

A game nobody outside of England or Belgium was that interested in watching, as it was clearly going to be a dull game nobody really wanted to win.
And everyone was right. It was.

With both teams already through to the last 16, the only thing left to decide was the winner of the group.
Although it was looking like winning the group wouldn’t make for the easiest route to the final.

So, both teams rested multiple key players, and neither side seemed really that bothered about scoring a goal.

That is until Adnan Januzaj got bored a curled in a beautiful strike.

I think we can all admit, that was a very good goal. But did you spot the best moment of the match, if not the World Cup so far immediately after the goal?
Just before the camera cut away?

That’ll be Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi, in a moment of unintended brilliance, trying to celebrate by kicking the rebound back into the net. Only to have the ball ricochet off the post and into his own face instead.

Being fully aware he’d never get away with pretending it didn’t happen. Michy addressed the incident on Twitter after the match.

The response was as expected with many puns,

and calls to EA to include the celebration in Fifa 19.
Which is something we fully support.

But it was Manchester City who won the day on Twitter with this.

That’s fellow Belgian Kevin De Bruyne also taking a ball to the face off a post.
Taken from a video by Youtuber Miniminter in case you’re wondering.

When this world cup is over, we’re thinking of making a list of the top 10 funniest moments.

Could we have our number 1 already?

Only the knockout stages will tell.

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