Disrupting flight path with blow up doll

Man Arrested for Disrupting Flight Path with Blow Up Doll

Vancouver, Canada.

A 19 year old man is facing charges after disrupting a Canadian flight path with a blow up doll.

West Vancouver police said a life sized blow up sex toy was tied to 10 large helium filled balloons and released at Ambleside Beach on July the 3rd.

An officer sat in a nearby truck spotted two men filming the doll, which was released as he approached them. It then floated several hundred metres into the air.

It seems footage from the men’s camera was confiscated, however a bystander caught the doll’s flight on camera and uploaded the footage to Youtube.
Footage which looks weirdly like an old UFO clip, just with a sex toy, rather than the usual frisbee.

It is claimed by the passerby that he overheard the doll being called Britney.

The officer arrested the men, believing the blow up doll could pose a threat to aircraft in the harbour area.

Warnings were then set out to pilots operating in the airspace by Transport Canada and the Civil Aviation Branch.

Both men were later released with the 19 year old under promise to attend court at a later date.

Youtuber BrodieTV claimed to be the arrested man on Twitter.

He also tweeted he is due to appear in court on September the 19th, and will release the video of the stunt, to his 5 and a half thousand Youtube subscribers when his camera’s SD card is returned by the authorities.

There has been no official word as yet, regarding Britney’s eventual fate.

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