Jack Black meme

Jack Black Inadvertently Recreates Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Everybody loves a good meme right?
Even if the meme in question has been used to within an inch of its life?

Well, maybe not in the case of the distracted boyfriend meme, which has been overused so much it feels older than the internet itself.

Distracted boyfriend
Credit: imgflip.com

But maybe there’s life in the old dog yet, courtesy of Hollywood superstar and all round likeable madman, Jack Black.

Jack, as you may or may not know, is currently in Atlanta filming the next Jumanji movie.

He also has a fairly new Youtube channel mostly covering eating and video games.

So, the scene is set, Jack has just eaten at the East Atlanta Village restaurant Argosy and is walking down the street giving his opinion to camera, when a random guy holding hands with presumably, his partner full on stops and stares.


It’s in that moment that Jack Black unwittingly becomes a human meme, and the world is a better place for it.

Jack Black Meme
Just perfect. Credit: 9gag
Jack Black meme
Credit: imgflip.com

You can check out Jack’s new channel, Jablinski Games, by clicking here.
The full video containing the birth of a meme is below…

Feature Image Credit: Youtube/Jablinski Games/Jack Black