High End Designer Launches Stiletto Roller Skates

Remember when roller skating was a thing, and how painful it was when you fell over?
Or, remember that time you twisted your ankle in stilettos that were too high to walk in properly?
And remember that time you wished you could risk your life by doing both at the same time?
Well now you can! Thanks to high fashion designer Saint Lauren.

Copyright Saint Lauren

Introducing the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller. Which may sound like a machine a painter and decorator would use in the future, but is actually a range of designer high heels with rubber wheels on the bottom. They even have a brake pad on the front, just like in the 80’s!

Copyright Saint Lauren

The shoes come in four different designs, with my personal favourite being the black snakeskin and red patent leather look. Mostly because it looks like the one that’ll hide blood the easiest.

Copyright Saint Lauren

Saint Lauren also shared the shoes on their instagram page, with the model in one picture seemingly demonstrating the pose most wearers will almost certainly end up in.

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And the price for this high fashion health and safety nightmare? $1995 a pair. Bargain.

It’s worth noting that Saint Lauren have released roller skates before in 2013. Although they were a much more sensible flat bottom design back then.

There is also no word as yet how much the company has put aside to pay out the inevitable personal injury claims.

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