Hello Kitty Bullet Train

Hello Kitty Bullet Train Debuts as Rail Company Hits Peak Japan

If you were asked to think of the most Japanese things you could, Hello Kitty and bullet trains would definitely be on the list.

Well now, The Japan Railway West Co, (otherwise known as JR-West), have made dreams come true by combining both into a high speed mouth-less cat masterpiece.

The rail operator hopes the train will attract more tourists.
It’s yet to be clarified how regular commuters feel about it though.

The 8 car bullet train will be running on a 600 km route between Fukuoka and Osaka.
A journey the very pink train will complete in 3 and a half hours, commencing on the 30th of June.

As well as the paintwork, the train boasts some unique interior features.

The first car will be called the Hello! Plaza, and will have no seats. Instead it will showcase delicacies and sell souvenirs from the regions the train passes through on it’s route.
The second will be the Kawaii Room, containing a photo booth and an actual lifesized Hello Kitty. That’s 5 apples tall according to her creators.

The genius final touch, is that the train will play the original Hello Kitty theme music rather than the standard Shinkansen jingle, as it approaches stations along the way.

Here’s a video of some bemused photographers, with plastic bags on their feet, photographing the train’s glorious unveiling.

And here’s a short one of the station approach music!

The good news is the train won’t require special tickets and can be boarded using the normal Japan Rail pass.

JR-West’s Hello Kitty bullet train is scheduled to run until October when the company will decide whether to keep it as part of the fleet.

Lets all hope they make the obviously correct decision.

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