French Fashion Designer Launches Tiny $500 Handbag

Remember when phones were getting smaller and smaller?
Then somebody realised it was silly and they got bigger again?

Well… now it’s handbags.

Miniature accessories are the latest trend in the high fashion world, with French designer Jacquemus leading the way.
The brand already offers various off-sized bags, with this latest addition being the most extreme.

Called, Le Chiquito, the bag was launched as part of the fall / winter collection show in Paris.
The invitations to which were sent out in similar bags.

So, if you want to be at the sharp end of fashion, it’s probably time to throw away those old receipts, sweet wrappers and other useless things.

Then you’ll need to find somewhere else for the things you do actually need, like your purse, keys and money.
Because none of that will fit anymore. You don’t need it! The French have spoken!

Questions do remain though, such as what you’re actually meant to put in it, and how sad will you feel when you inevitable lose it?

Either way, if you really want to buy a Jacquemus Le Chiquito of your own for some reason, you can do so at the designer’s website by clicking here.
Available in four shades of leather or blue suede if that’s more your thing.

For the slightly insane price of $486 plus shipping.


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