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Facial Recognition Technology Beaten by Juggalos

Facial Recognition is a 21st century technology that has a lot of people worried.

It can be troubling to think computers around the world know your face better than you do yourself.

Some would say if you’re doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about, yet as privacy campaigners point out, it’s not just the CIA or Mi6 using this technology.

It’s very likely Facebook knows what you look like, as do Apple and Samsung.
How else do you unlock your latest smartphone?
With a pin, like a caveman?

The point is, it’s everywhere already.

It won’t be too long before you walk into your local supermarket and get a personal greeting with list of offers pushed to your phone, (no loyalty card needed).
If that doesn’t exist already by the way, we call dibs on the patent.

But, it turns out, there is a way to beat the system.

Become a Juggalo.

The ultra loyal fans of rap group Insane Clown Posse, are already as well known for their fight against oppression as they are for their trademark makeup.
This time it’s the makeup doing the fighting.

According to Tahkion, a computer science blogger for WonderHowTo, Juggalo makeup does a very good job at disrupting facial recognition algorithms.

Most facial recognition works by looking for areas of contrast on a face to identify the placement of features such as your nose, or jawline.
Juggalo makeup often involves painting large areas of black under the mouth but above the chin, which seems to easily confuse the technology.

It’s unlikely a system will recognise the Juggalo’s actual makeup instead, as your average Juggalo doesn’t wear makeup all the time.
The style is generally reserved for special occasions, such as concerts or the recent march on Washington.

It’s worth noting though, that not all systems are Juggalo beaten.
Apple’s Face ID for instance, uses depth perception instead, which is how it works in the dark.

So the government won’t be able to recognise you but Apple will, and your iPhone will still unlock.
Whether this is a good thing or not we’re not sure.

The future is a scary thing for people these days.

Nobody really knows where we’re heading and how Orwellian it’s going to get.

But at least if it all gets too bad, the resistance will be full of much clown love.

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