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  • This website is focused on weird, unusual, quirky and funny stories only.
  • Categories include news, people, animals, science, technology, sports, fashion, products, entertainment, arts, UFO’s and paranormal.
    All articles should fit neatly within their categories.
  • All articles should be as factual and accurate as possible. We don’t do fake news or satire on this website.
  • All articles should comply with our privacy and copyright policies.
  • When an article is unique journalist content, all care must be given to present a fair and balanced view of any individuals featured.
  • Unique content must protect or change the identity of individuals unless the information in the article is already in the public domain or their clear consent to be featured has been obtained.
  • Where content has been altered to protect an individual’s identity, this should be made clear in the article.
  • Content should not feature overly sexual themes or promote adult content in any way.
  • Articles should, (as much as possible), be free from political or religious bias.
  • Articles should not feature the following topics: American gun control, abortion, non body modification self harm, nazism, the Middle East, terrorism, assisted suicide, pedophilia, scientology, hacking, gambling, adult versions of children’s characters, eating disorders, drugs and drug paraphernalia, promotion or portrayal of excessive alcohol consumption, and anything regarding Facebook or Google algorithms or other technical systems.
  • Special care and consideration will be given to articles featuring the following subjects before they are published to ensure they do not breach our company policies or alter the image and general tone of this website: mental health issues not featuring self harm, animal rights, fetishes, the porn industry, LGBT issues, racial equality or sexual equality issues.
  • Under no circumstances should an article contain links to websites featuring anything illegal in UK or US law, or anything prohibited by our editorial policy.
    This includes but is not exclusive to: porn sites, sites selling or glamourising weaponry, anything pro religious regardless of the religion, anything pro political regardless of the policies, gambling sites, hacking and blackhat technique sites, anything to do with the dark web, sites selling drugs (including prescription medicines), sites selling alcohol and tobacco, any site that offers compensation to browse or click links and ads, any site containing uncensored gore, violence or death, and any site containing content which would be prohibited on our own site.

Last updated 9th March 2019.