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Disney Brings Us One Step Closer to the Robot Apocalypse.

Hollywood just loves warning us about the risk of evil robots.

The T-800, Ultron, Megatron, C-3PO, to name but a few.

Yet, it seems Hollywood is also determined to turn it’s own warnings into terrifying reality.

This time, it’s the fun time mega corporation that is Disney toying with the survival of our species.
It’s theme park division recently shared a video of it’s latest project. An acrobatic robot designed to be more accurate than a human performer.

The official line being, that this is part of the development of more realistic animatronics for the rides and shows in Disney parks. Bringing the more physically active characters in recent Disney movies to life.

But really, watch it go!

It’s not too hard to imagine such a machine somersaulting through a city destroying any human in it’s way with it’s cold metal hands.

It is after all, what Disney themselves have taught us will happen.

And what’s with the jaunty music? Is that to make us feel less uneasy about watching this potential murder machine practice?

As for it’s real purpose. Well, it is a massively powerful theme park corporation building advanced robots to put in it’s parks.
A corporation founded by a man that was famously obsessed with death.

Maybe the scientists at Disney are too busy to watch Westworld, but it does all sound worryingly familiar.

On a slight side note, I do like the way Disney calls it’s mad scientists ‘Imagineers’.
After all, you’ll never build a robot army for the newly resurrected Mr Disney without a little bit of imagination will you?


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