Please stop warming pee in microwave

Store Owner Asks Customers to Stop Warming Pee in Microwave

Jacksonville, Florida

A gas station owner has resorted to using a sign to stop people from warming pee in the store’s microwave.

Parul Patel, owner of On the Fly convenience store and gas station says she’s become, “sick and tired” of people walking into the store to warm their urine.
“They’re just random people and it’s happening every day” she said.

Patel told First Coast News, the people, “walk in off the street, microwave their urine containers then leave.”

One explanation for the bizarre activity is the store being walking distance from a Quest Diagnostics office and a LabCorp site.
Both companies offer drug testing and take urine samples.

Warming urine from someone who hasn’t taken drugs is seen by some as a way to help pass a drug test.

Patel says people become aggressive when questioned.
One woman became so aggressive that Patel decided to make the now infamous sign.

Patel said the woman “started cussing” and commented that there was no sign saying people couldn’t use the microwave for warming pee.
“That gave me the idea, If that’s what you’re asking me, then I’ll put the sign saying this is only for food use and not to use with your urine or anything else,” Patel said.

When contacted for a comment by local news, a spokesperson for Quest Diagnostics said the location nearest the gas station does not collect urine samples.
The nearest facility that does is 5 miles away.
LabCorp however, declined to comment.

Feature Image: First Coast News.