clip on man buns

Clip On Man Buns Are Now a Thing Apparently

Today, in the “Oh God please make it stop” fashion section… Clip on man buns.

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve got short hair, can’t be bothered to grow it, but really like the whole hipster vibe, well we’ve got you covered.

Online retailer Bluecrate, who are usually responsible for fun and quirky gadgets, have begun stocking what can only be described as mini hipster hats.

clip on man buns
It’s a hipster hat you can wear under a normal hat.

The synthetic hair buns are available in all the best colors. Blonde, black, and the ever popular, brown. For a bargain, $7.99 or £7 in the UK.

Amazingly they’re quite popular, with 1075 sold to date according to the website.
With a 4 and a half star rating too.

According to the instructions, fitting is easy. “Simply tie up your hair, open up the man bun, then secure it on your head,” says the website.
“And enjoy the new hairstyle you deserve,” it continues. Which in fairness, is probably true.

clip on man buns
Self respect not required.

They also boldly claim, “If you don’t have a positive experience for ANY reason, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.”
Which is nice to know, but doesn’t clarify if they’ll help your friends and family, when they don’t have a positive experience of you wearing a clip on man bun.

clip on man buns
Arrrr, it’s a Tribble! (Google it if you’re too young).

If you really really want one. You can purchase your very own piece of ridicule here.

And before you say it, yes… the same website sells clip on balls too.

All Images Credit: Bluecrate

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