World Wait What is a website operated by P 1 4 Media in the UK and aimed at a worldwide English speaking audience.
We focus on odd or unusual news, products and quirky human interest articles.

We can provide a number of different services to help you or your business with it’s digital content or marketing needs.
Some of the services we offer are listed below.
Please feel free to contact us for pricing information or with any specific requests you may have.

New Product or Service Promotion.

If you have a brand new product or service which fits in with our core subjects, we’d be delighted to know about it.
Not only can we promote your product on our own site, but we will also get it seen elsewhere through our syndication channels.

Paid Content.

We can feature your product or service on our website and social media channels as a paid promotional article or post, as long as it fits with our own brand image.
Posts can contain whatever specific information you would like us to focus on.
We can custom write the content for you, or feature your existing content.
You can also use our websites to promote your products or business through sponsored competitions.
Contact us for more details.

Product Reviews.

Do you have a new or existing product or service you think our users should know about? Then get in touch!
If we feel your product will fit in well with our speciality subjects and existing website then we will review and feature it for free.
Most reviews will be featured on our social media channels too.
Please note that reviews differ from paid promotions in that we will uphold our journalistic integrity and review your product in an honest manner from the point of view of the journalist writing the content.
With paid content, you have a degree of control over what is said about your product, however, it will be clearly marked as a paid promotion.

Content Syndication.

If you need content quick, and don’t require anything custom written or the ownership of copyright, we can allow the syndication of our content directly on your own sites.
Syndication costs vary depending on where the content will be shared, and what content you wish to use.
As well as straight syndication, we allow most of our original journalistic content (and associated images) to be rewritten and reported on under licence.

Direct Advertising.

We can feature static per page, per post, or per site advertising on our website.
Costs vary depending on the size of your campaign.
Contact us with details and we will be happy to work out a quote.

For details on how to contact us, click here.