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Boilerman Has Arrived! West Brom’s New Surreal Mascot Unveiled

I love mascots.

Cute furry things, getting the crowd going before a big game.
It’s the ultimate anonymous warm up gig.
It doesn’t matter where you live, or what sport you follow, everyone loves a good mascot.

Meanwhile, West Bromwich Albion have started their EFL Championship campaign by unveiling Boilerman.

A faceless walking combination boiler.

The mascot is part of a 2 year sponsorship deal the English club has signed with boiler manufacturer Ideal.
In case you were wondering why.
Even knowing that, you’re probably still left wondering why.

West Brom's new mascot, Boilerman
Image Credit: Ideal Boilers

A lot of corporate press release talk has surrounded Boilerman’s arrival, with phrases such as “shared values” and “founding principles,” being used.
But let’s be honest, unless the shared values are insane mascots, that’s all irrelevant.

All that really matters is what the fans think.
And the fans have not disappointed, with Boilerman being equally ridiculed by both home and away supporters.

The bizarre mascot has been trending on Twitter of course.
And because this is the internet, as of yesterday, Boilerman has his very own Twitter account.

Also, contrary to some reports, it seems the club’s usual mascot, Baggie Bird, still has a job.
A boiler is just overshadowing Baggie at the moment.
Which has to hurt.

Boilerman hasn’t pleased all West Brom fans either, with some taking to supporter forums to vent their anger.

One user going by the name of Westie writes, “It’s pathetic, puerile. Typical of today’s dumbed down society.”
Whilst part of SmethDan’s furious post proclaimed, “This ‘thing’ does not represent West Bromwich Albion, it represents a boiler company who’ve copped lucky by our demise. Can people really not see just how embarrassing this situation is?”

Still, at least some people are happy about it…

And remember, it could always be worse.

Feature Image Credit: Twitter

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