Balenciaga Crocs Mashup

Balenciaga Crocs Mashup: A Fashion Masterpiece or an Abomination?

Pineapple on pizza.
Donald Trump.
The correct way to pronounce Gif. (Hint: It’s spelled with a G not a J).

All divisive things.

But really, is there anything more divisive than Crocs.

Some people swear by the moulded one piece monstrosities, and refuse to leave the house without them.
Other people think there’s a special level of hell reserved just for Croc wearers and wouldn’t even wear them in the house with the curtains closed.

Whatever your opinion, it isn’t going to stop ultra-luxury brand Balenciaga relentlessly pushing ahead with their very own Balenciaga Crocs mashup.

By now, you’ve probably seen the 4 inch platform versions, which recently joined the high fashion silly shoes hall of fame.
Adorned with what looks like stuck on fridge magnets.

The shoes were first seen in October 2017 as part of the SS18 collection.
Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia sent his take on Crocs down the runway in Paris to noticeable gasps.
Whether they were gasps of horror or joy we’ll never know.
Knowing Crocs, probably both.

Balenciaga Crocs Mashup
Image Credit: Balenciaga

But, despite the ridiculousness of the shoe, it paid off.
The $850 platforms sold out instantly, before even hitting the shops, and only now coming back into stock.

Everyone’s favourite fashion vlogger Safiya Nygaard, spent a week in the shoes for her Youbtube channel, where she said wearing them, “felt like a kid playing dress up.”

So was this a one off?
The unholy flirting of a mega cool brand with the least cool brand on Earth?

If Balenciaga’s Instagram is to be belived, then it’s all just the beginning.

Over the past month or so, pictures have been shared of a stiletto version.
Just in case the platforms weren’t enough.

There’s no indication on launch date or price yet, but we’re guessing, soon, and a lot.

Neither has it been announced if the shoe can actually be used as a phone.
We’re guessing probably not.

So, it looks like Balenciaga is in it for the long haul.

Speaking to Vogue, the designer sees a future where the shoes can be 3D printed at home. Which does give some kind of indication how far ahead they’re looking.
No doubt to some, it also sounds like the plot for a low budget dystopian sci-fi movie.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if this whole Balenciaga Crocs mashup episode increases the cool level of Crocs above that of fat free mayonnaise, or if it starts to drag Balenciaga’s level down.

Only time, and a whole lot of very expensive squidgy foam rubber will tell.

Feature Image Credit: Balenciaga

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