ants build bridge

Creepy and Amazing: Ants Build Bridge to Raid Wasp Nest

Ants are amazing little things. Some can lift 50 times their own body weight, and it’s estimated there’s around 1 million ants for every human on Earth. That’s a lot of ants.

But we shouldn’t be worried. Ants are just dumb little insects right?

Well, on their own, maybe. But ants are never really on their own, and together they act like individual cells of a much larger, much more intelligent creature.

This is something a nest of wasps discovered recently after having their larvae stolen by ants, using the creepiest attack strategy ever.

ants build bridge
Hold on tight guys! Image: Francisco Boni

In a video posted online, a colony of army ants has discovered a wasp’s nest on the underside of a porch roof.
They clearly decided it was theirs for the taking.

But how is a tiny ant supposed to get all them juicy baby wasps out of a nest stuck to a roof?
Carrying them upside down wouldn’t work very well.

The solution it seems, is making an anchor of ants on the edge, building a nightmare inducing ant bridge, then having other ants run across and grab the bounty.

ants build bridge
I’m suddenly very itchy. Image: Francisco Boni

There’s not much empathy in nature, and the ants would have destroyed any defending wasps.
It’s believed the adult wasps saw the attack coming though. Abandoning ship before the ants got there.

The footage was posted to Twitter by Francisco Boni who wrote, “Attack of legionary ants (also known as army ants or marabunta) to a wasp honeycomb. Impressive the level of swarm intelligence and collective computation to form that bridge.”

He later explained, “When this type of attack happens, the wasps usually escape and the ants do not leave until they’ve completely looted the honeycomb, carrying pupae, larvae, and eggs, as well as some adults who did not manage to escape. They can even build across the water!”

Well, all I can say is, for the first time in my life, I feel sorry for the wasps.

Feature Image Credit: Francisco Boni / Twitter

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