The world is full of lots of things.
News websites being one of them.
The world is also full of amazing and wonderfully weird people, places and events.

Unfortunately, most mainstream news outlets are too focused on the big and scary, to pay attention to the little and delightful. Choosing to spread fear instead of joy.

That’s where we come in.

World Wait What, is an alternative news and magazine website, featuring all the strange, unusual, weird, odd, interesting, and hilariously confusing things happening today.
Our mission is to bring a little bit of happiness back into reading the news.
You won’t find stories here about terrorist attacks, natural disasters or political scandals, unless they are totally bizarre in nature of course.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that we assume our readership consists of mature adults and as such will happily report on grown up issues and themes.
Whilst we don’t post stories and articles which are outright NSFW, we don’t recommend ourselves as a site suitable for children.

We need you!

The world seems small sometimes, but you know, it really isn’t, it’s massive, and some of the best oddball stories are tiny and hard to find.

This is where we need your help!

If you see a story on your local news website which is funny or unusual, please let us know.
Especially if it’s something the mainstream news outlets have missed or are ignoring.
We’d also love to hear about anything else you may have stumbled across.

  • Funny or bizarre Youtube vids.
  • Links to the websites or social media of interesting and unusual people.
  • As long as it is fun, funny or fantastic we want to know!

You can message us on Facebook, Twitter or email us here.

Disclaimer Part 2:¬†Our website is aimed at a worldwide English speaking audience. A lot of our content will be written in American English. But… We are based in the UK, so the occasional U may slip in now and again. Don’t panic. This is normal over here.

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We will not knowingly post news or articles which mislead or claim unproven truths.
This may be especially evident in our paranormal and UFO section, where we will report on what people claim to have seen, but will not write about conspiracy theories as if they are established facts.

We always attempt to base our content on legitimate major news sources only, or our own investigations and sources. We do not create any biased political or religious content or create content based on sources which do.

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