90 year old japanese grandma

90 Year Old Japanese Grandma is the New Queen of Instagram

Ask most of the older generation what they think of Instagram, and they’ll either tell you it’s something their granddaughter does, or they won’t know what you’re talking about at all.

Well not the amazing Kimiko Nishimoto.
90 year old japanese grandmaIn a perfect example of you’re never too old to learn anything, Kimiko took up photography at the age of 72.

At the time, her son was teaching a beginner’s course and she decided to enrol herself. Awakening a previously unknown passion in the process.

Having learned the basics, she quickly began creating quirky and funny self portraits.
90 year old japanese grandma10 years later and Kimiko had her first solo exhibition at a local museum in her hometown of Kumamoto.

More recently her work has been on display in the Epson Imaging Gallery in Tokyo.
The exhibition was titled “Asobokane” which translates as “Let’s Play.”
It ran for an entire month from December to January.
90 year old japanese grandmaNow at the age of 90, Kimiko is still creating her art. Capturing and editing all her own shots, and managing her own Instagram account.
Where she has amassed 126 thousand followers.

So next time you think you’re too old to start something new, remember Kimiko.
Personally, I hope to be writing a follow up when she’s 100.
90 year old japanese grandmaIn the meantime, check out her awesome Instagram here, and give her a follow.

All Images Credit: Kimiko Nishimoto.

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